InDesign® Server as a Service

Run scripts securely in the cloud and eliminate the need to manage hardware and software licenses. Use simple API calls to run scripts, get access to a large network of servers and only pay for what you use.
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Simple API
Simple to use REST API to run scripts and Webhooks to notify when events happen. Example code to help get you started.
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Scripts are run inside temporary Docker containers that are created and then destroyed after execution. Ensure your data is secure by using your own S3 storage.
Pay for what you use
Only pay when RunScript is running your scripts, measured down to the second. No need for yearly software licenses or monthly server costs.

How does it work?

RunScript uses a serverless computing model, it handles the allocation and management of servers and software licenses for you. Simply use the API to run scripts and then get notified when they're complete.
Every time you run a script you get a freshly installed version of InDesign® Server and the OS, this guarantees your script and data are always secure. RunScript uses a containerized version of InDesign® Server that can be quickly created and destroyed with every script run.
File data is transferred to and from your cloud storage with every script you run to ensure your data is always secure. Every time you run a script you pre-sign file urls that give RunScript temporary access, no file authentication information is ever passed to RunScript and no file data is ever stored.
Using RunScript you won't have to pay for servers, software licenses or maintenance costs. Instead you're only charged for the time your script runs measured down to the second. No upfront fees or monthly subscriptions.
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